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SEAFORT Advisors Acquisition & Financing of Three Companies

The Companies

Braun, with locations in Eastern Europe and China, develops and produces cable systems and lighting technology for the automotive and household appliance industries as well as for mechanical and plant engineering. 

Noventiz develops take-back and disposal solutions for the packaging and recyclables industry. 

DialogFeld is one of the leading owner-managed marketing agencies at six locations in German-speaking countries. 

All three companies are very successful and have private equity-experienced management that has established professional structures.

The Transaction

Seafort Advisors has acquired the three companies from the Munich-based investment company AUCTUS as part of a secondary portfolio transaction. The newly initiated fund managed by Seafort was able to attract institutional investors from the USA, Great Britain and France for the acquisition. 

In parallel to the due diligence for all 3 groups of companies, an individual acquisition and corporate financing structure was also agreed upon and implemented for the closing in each case. The financing structures established as part of the transaction include new debt components as well as the "roll-over" and adjustment of existing debt and mezzanine capital financing.

Scope of Mandate

Analysis and valuation of the target companies as well as advice on the individual transaction structures and their integration into the overall structure, also with regard to the involvement of the individual management teams. Furthermore, ARGONAS coordinated the transaction process and the interaction of the other parties involved in the process for SeafortT. In connection with the debt financing of the transactions and the acquired companies, ARGONAS, as debt advisor for Seafort, negotiated, among other things, a multi-tranche acquisition financing as well as the roll-over and adjustment of existing debt and mezzanine capital financing.