• Transactions

Younicos Completion of a Master Agreement of an Innovative Energy System in the AZORES

The Company

Younicos AG (now part of the Aggreko Group), a spin-off of the development subsidiary of the solar company SOLON AG, is a pioneer in the field of battery storage and storage management as well as a specialist in the grid integration of renewable energies for various on-grid and off-grid applications.

The Project

Younicos has concluded a master agreement with the Portuguese electricity supplier Electricidade dos Açores (EDA) to supply the Azores island of Graciosa with up to 100% renewable energy. Due to its island location in the middle of the Atlantic, the energy system, which is operated independently of the mainland grid, is currently based entirely on increasingly expensive electricity from a diesel power plant. The energy system developed by Younicos combines wind turbines, solar modules and a large battery storage system with intelligent control technology from Younicos, so that the majority of the energy supply can be provided from renewable energy sources in the future.

Scope of Mandate

ARGONAS exclusively supported Younicos as financial advisor in the structuring of the project as well as in the conclusion of the Master Agreement.