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Younicos Construction of the Largest European Battery Storage Facility for WEMAG

The Company

Younicos AG (now part of the Aggreko Group), a spin-off of the development subsidiary of the solar company SOLON AG, is a pioneer in the field of battery storage and storage management as well as a specialist in the grid integration of renewable energies for various on-grid and off-grid applications.

The Project

The Schwerin-based green power supplier WEMAG is planning to build Europe's largest and first commercial battery park to date to compensate for short-term fluctuations in the grid. The supplier of the battery park is the Berlin-based company Younicos AG, which specialises in the grid integration of renewable energies. As part of an operation on the European balancing energy market, the battery park is intended to help stabilise the grid frequency at the transmission grid level. The supplier of the lithium-ion cells used is the Korean company Samsung SDI, with whom Younicos has agreed a strategic partnership for the construction of competitive grid-connected large-scale storage systems.  

Scope of Mandate

ARGONAS advised Younicos on the development and structuring of the project concept for battery power plants.