Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg Managing Partner

Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg has long-standing experience in the areas private equity, real estate, investment banking and corporate finance advisory. Within the team of ARGONAS he has the primary responsibility for M&A projects.

Prior to co-founding ARGONAS, he worked at IEG Investment – Banking in Berlin where he primarily advised mid-market companies in Germany on M&A transactions. Previously, Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg spent six years in the private equity team of Fortress Investment Group in Frankfurt. Over that period, he executed and also led a broad range of transactions and projects. He started his professional career in Frankfurt within the M&A team of J.P. Morgan.

Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg holds a degree in business administration from ESCP-EAP (Paris/Oxford/Berlin). Further to that, he studied agriculture and history of arts.

VCF: Felix von Bethmann-Hollweg